Getting Started

What is the Training Calendar?

The Oregon Registry Online Training Calendar lists child care training available throughout the state. The training may be used to meet requirements for:

  • Office of Child Care (OCC) licensing,
  • the DHS Enhanced Rate Program, and
  • the Oregon Registry step application

While many of the trainings listed on the calendar will meet these requirements, it is your responsibility to make sure the training will satisfy your specific needs.

You can learn more about OCC training requirements by going to the Office of Child Care's website

To learn more about the Oregon Registry and other professional development opportunities, follow this link:

How do I get started?

The calendar allows you to search the listings in a variety of ways, by counties, languages, Core Knowledge Categories (CKC), Training Sets, Age Groups and dates. When you select one or more counties, the calendar will remember the counties and allow you to do many different searches using options such as languages, CKC’s, ages, and etc.

Begin by selecting the counties you want to search:

Select the county or counties you wish to search and click the Make Selection button.

All training for the county selected will be listed. If you wish to narrow your search, use the search options:

To clear your search options, click the Clear button. Note, the county you selected will not clear, only the search options selected. To clear the county, click the Select A County menu and press the Clear Selection button.

You can also search by typing keywords into the text box to find training. When you find training you are interested in, click the title to get more information.

In the training detail page you will see:

  • Training descriptions,
  • Core knowledge categories,
  • Sets of knowledge (Set One = Introductory, Set Two = Intermediate, Set Three = Advanced),
  • Age Groups,
  • All event information (location, times, contact information, etc)

Pay close attention to the Contact Information! Pre-registration for the training is often required and it will be detailed here. Also check out the Additional Information. In cases of multi-day training it will be detailed here.

If a training address has been entered, you will also be able to click a Google map to get directions to the training location.

If you would like to view training that will meet application requirements for:

  • Office of Child Care (OCC) registration,
  • DHS Enhanced Rate Program,
  • DHS Child Care Provider Orientations

Click the specific item in the Training Requirements section and the listing will show all upcoming training:

To see what conferences are coming up throughout the state, check out the Upcoming Conferences section. Click the title to get more information.